The week before the wedding is bound to be full of emotions and nervousness. However, planning everything carefully ahead of time will allow you to dedicate this week to those less-stressful tasks, so that you can be fully vibrant and rested for the Big Day.

What are some of the things you must do before the wedding? Read on and find out more.

·         Practice walking down the aisle. It may sound silly at first, but just think of it: you will most likely have to handle a long dress and/or a train, a wedding veil and someone whose arm you will be “linked”. Take some time to practice the logistics of doing this, so that you avoid any trace of awkwardness on the Big Day.

·         Spend some time with your bridesmaids. And no, this doesn’t have to involve “naughty” bachelorette parties if you don’t want to. Just get your girls and hang out, go to a spa or watch a movie together. It will relax you and it will help them get to know each other (if they don’t already).

·         Plan a backup makeup and hairstyle. Even if you have a professional taking care of this, it is still a great idea to have some backup makeup products, bobby pins and hair accessories in your clutch purse. These small details will help you stay fresh and pretty throughout the entire wedding day.

·         Go out on a date. This will be the last time you go out on a date with your fiancé. From now on, you will be husband and wife! Go out on a date, spend some quality time together and, of course, practice the big kiss!

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