Shinery is officially open for business!

Our dear Brea & Adam, past Blue Water Weddings clients, have launched a revolutionary business in an effort to help you truly shine on your wedding day. Much like every great product, the idea arose from an existing problem bride Brea faced on her wedding day. From the brilliant founder and beautiful bride herself, we are sharing the story from Brea’s perspective below.

Let It Shinery

“The story of Shinery actually begins back in 2018 when Adam proposed. I was in love with how my ring shined, and I couldn’t stop staring at my left hand. After researching and purchasing any product that promised to keep my engagement ring as dazzling as the day we got engaged, nothing truly seemed to work. I tried jars, tubs, dish soap, hand soap, even toothpaste and a toothbrush…but the results were always the same: a cloudy ring and dry hands. Keeping it clean felt like a chore. The light bulb moment occurred when we realized clean, convenient, and effective jewelry care didn’t exist.

For the past year and a half, we have worked with the top formulators and chemists to bring our vision of clean, convenient, and effective jewelry care to life. We could not be more proud of the brand we have built and the products we have created. With that, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Shinery.

Shinery’s mission is to reinvent old fashioned jewelry cleaning with products you can use on ALL jewelry.”

A Bride’s Best Friend

Far beyond saying, “Yes!”, you will want your engagement ring to dazzle for the rest of your days. Furthermore, you want this to be a seamlessly simple process. Brea & Adam have crafted the products with just that in mind. Stated from the inventors themselves, the products “effortlessly fit into your daily routine.” They are all crafted with “clean, plant-based ingredients so that you can gently clean your jewelry while softening and nourishing your skin.” So wave bye bye to dry hands, as your skin will shine right alongside your newly sparkly jewelry! All products have luxurious packaging “so that they look more like a beauty product than a cleaning product.” The products themselves are *almost* as photo worthy as your radiant accessories themselves. 😉

For their initial launch, they have bundled all 3 products: Radiance Wash, Illuminating Pom, and Radiance Towelettes. This trio is specifically designed to work together.

Looking to shed the dull bling and dried out hands? Us too! For Shinery information and photos, head over to their website or check out their Instagram.

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