how to tie a bow tie

The (Second) Most Important Wedding Day Question: How to Tie A Bow Tie

We have noticed an unchanging trend among groom and groomsmen on wedding days: scrambling to get ready and feeling defeated, YouTubing how to tie a bow tie shortly before their wedding ceremony. It may seem silly, but successfully tying your own bow tie provides a unique sense of accomplishment. And what better day to feel accomplished and confident than the best day of your life? Just like everything else with wedding days, this is another thing we recommend planning and practicing ahead of your actual wedding day. To start, look no further. We’ve compiled simple step by step study guide on how to tackle the tying easily. Tying the knot isn’t the only tie you’ll be ecstatic over!

How to Tie A Bow Tie Steps

Step 1.) Flatten your bow tie so it is lying face up. The left side should be longer than the right, so adjust as needed. Let’s refer to the end on the left as Point A and the end on the right as Point B.

Step 2.) Move Point A across Point B to the right side.

Step 3.) Bring A under B and up through the neck loop.

Step 4.) At the kink, fold B toward the right and then toward the left to create the bow shape.

Step 5.) Point A should then be brought straight down over the middle of the bow shape you made with point B.

Step 6.) Fold Point A back toward the chest. Pinch said fold.

Step 7.) Push the pinched end Point A through the loop behind Point B.

Step 8.) To tighten the bow, pull on the folded parts.

Step 9.) Adjust as needed until both sides are perfectly balanced.

And voila! You have tied your very own bow tie. Keep practicing the above steps until you feel confident. On your wedding day, you want to be sure you feel secure in this. The day of jitters and excitement might make it harder than usual, so practicing beforehand is key! Now, onto teach your groomsmen…


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