Much like many 2020 brides and grooms, Brandi and Sean were forced to postpone their South Florida wedding. Originally set to take place in April in the Florida Keys, the beautifully smitten lovebirds found themselves searching for a new date and location in the wake of the global pandemic.

Sometimes, the heart steps in at just the right time. Letting their hearts be the compass, they decided to set their new Big Day date to June 11th, 2020: the day Sean first said “I love you” to Brandi years prior.

South Florida Wedding Sweetness

After some deep breaths and an agreement to make the most of the matter, Brandi & Sean made quick work of turning their Plan B into an even dreamier day than Plan A. Steering clear of any further unforeseen circumstances coronavirus might toss their way, they opted for an intimate ceremony on the beach.

Months prior, they celebrated their engagement at a private residence in Boca Raton. Allowing their hearts to lead once again, they chose to host their reception at this meaningful location.

Alongside their closest family friends, photography, videographer, and yours truly, we climbed aboard four boats. Setting sail towards marital bliss to the Hillsboro Lighthouse for the intimate beach ceremony. This striking landmark is where Sean proposed to Brandi exactly one year prior. From, “Yes!” to “I Do”, this South Florida spot will forever hold their happiest moments and the beginnings of their newest chapters.

The Unimaginable Becomes Picture Perfect

We are so inspired by Brandi & Sean’s perseverance. They took a situation that was far from ideal and quickly turned it into a celebration even better than the original plan. It was truly an honor to adventure alongside them during this story. We are so thankful to have been a part of it! To fellow brides and grooms impacted by the global pandemic: we know the situation you are in is far from what you ever pictured. We promise you, if you keep trudging through and make the most of what has been handed your way, the celebration will be all the sweeter! Let these photos from their wedding day serve as proof.

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Special thanks to fellow South Florida wedding vendors:

Photographer: Finding Light Photography

Florist: The Bride Candy

Wedding Planning: Yours Truly, Blue Water Weddings

Cheers to happily ever afters! Cheers to Brandi & Sean!


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