Florida Keys micro wedding

Micro wedding: our favorite term of the many we have all had to get very familiar with this year. With today’s new normal, everyone has been forced to slow down. Travel has been suspended to and from a lot of outside countries, and destination wedding plans have been faced with a new reality. Fortunately, this new reality still has a lot of positive outcomes, even if those plans look differently than initially imagined.

Micro weddings have been increasingly popular in the Florida Keys. If your plans have shifted from planning a larger wedding to a small micro wedding, this blog is for you! We are sharing our three favorite things about opting for a Florida Keys micro wedding.

Easy, Breezy, Micro Wedding

Smaller weddings are easier to package. As planners, we cannot only package everything up for you, but work directly with you to customize each and every detail. When planning a smaller wedding you’ll find more joy in the planning and customizing. You will essentially be doing all of the fun stuff; like choosing your favorite linen or place cards. The idea of creating a 150 person seating chart is no longer a task on your list.

The entire process of planning a smaller wedding eliminates so many time-consuming & stress-inducing tasks. Nuisances like questions from many people about things that are clearly on the wedding website, last minute RSVPs, changes in the seating arrangement, and more, will be far less of a headache than it would be with a larger scale wedding. With so many headaches & tasks being eliminated, you are left with an easy breezy wedding experience.

Quality Over Quantity

If you were originally planning a larger wedding and now have a smaller guest list, chances are you might have a little extra cushion in your budget. You can choose to keep it simple. Take the extra funds to place on a new house together. Or use the extra cushion to further upgrade an amazing honeymoon. Want to focus the funds on your wedding day? You can get that elaborate table scape you were dreaming about from the beginning. Or upgrade to that wine package you had your eye on. You can even get a little extra something sparkly for your wedding day look. The options are endless.

Overall, the quality of your experience will be better in many ways. You will most likely be free to spend a little bit more on what truly matters to you both. Even more importantly?
On your wedding day, you will get the chance to laugh harder, listen longer, and dance until the sun comes up. In having less guests, you will have more time to spend with the small group of people who are attending. You will be able to take it all in and soak in every moment with each person.


Micro Wedding Attendance for All

A micro wedding does not mean that all of your loved ones can’t see you actually tie the knot in real time. Inviting loved ones to attend online via live streaming is a safe and easy option to include those who are unable to travel. We know it may not be your ideal , but in this crazy world, it is definitely a good option to consider. After the “I dos”, your reunion hug with said guests will be all the sweeter knowing they were “there with you” on your big day.

Florida Keys wedding

We have some amazing Florida Keys Micro Wedding Packages, viewed here: Packages. We would be so happy to help you with any customizations and further conversations regarding our offerings. Contact us today to start planning your wedding at any size. From micro to mega, we can’t wait to dream up your day with you!


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