Meet us

Meet Julia Timmins

Founder & Lead Planner

Julia has had the pleasure to serve the wedding community in the Florida Keys for 9 years. Her drive to tailor a seamless and meaningful guest experience is her true talent.  Intuitively and calmly designing and creating connections among beautiful ambiance creates life long memories for you, your guests as well as for Blue Water Weddings.   


Why Do You Love Wedding Planning?

Bringing people together in such harmony that a forever memory is created by it, allows me to live my purpose of creativity and exploration.

Favorite Wedding Day Moment?

When a bride is about to walk down the aisle and there is a moment of silence.  The energy is so pure and magnetic.

What Do You Love Doing Outside of Planning Weddings?

I spend time at the beach, cycling and with friends.  I am a salon girl too.  Need to have my nails and hair looking fresh at all

Current at home passion?

At home I am trying to get into cooking more for myself, and adjusting the lighting so it is perfect is more like a minor obsession.  Perfect lighting, a good scented candle, tending to my flowers or plants honestly keeps me busy. What can I say?  Good ambiance is key.

Favorite Movies?

Closer, Get Shorty, Beaches.

Favorite Place to Travel?

South of France, South of Italy.


Meet Marilane

Lead Planner

Mary has always had the life long dream of being a wedding planner.  Every moment is truly special and important and she will strive to encompass her passion in every event she does.  Previously from the event industry and trained to handle any scenario, Mary is a song leader and will take your hand every step of the way


Why Do You Love Wedding Planning?

The connections between people and loved ones weddings bring is what drives me.  I am always eternally grateful to be surrounded by such positive energy at my work.

Favorite Wedding Day Moment?

Parents dances are always such a beautiful moment to be able to witness.

What Do You Love Doing Outside of Planning Weddings?

Trying new sushi restaurants, sunset boat rides and spending time with my fur family.

Current at home passion?

Bird watching is a new hobby, but also playing with my puppies and planning creative projects around my cozy keys home.

Favorite Movies?

Bridesmaids, Love Actually, Avatar.

Favorite Place to Travel?

Jamaica and Hawaii



Meet Latrice

Head Shot
Month of Coordination

Month of Coordinator & Partial Planning 

Latrice is a well seasoned wedding coordinator who was born and raised in the Florida Keys.  Her experience in the local Florida Keys Wedding industry allows her to have an unmatched knowledge of how to run events here.  As well as offering her expertise in your wedding planning journey, Latrice is also a personal trainer and offers bridal health and wellness packages.



What Do You Love Doing Outside of Planning Weddings?

If you can’t find me in the gym Im most likely on a date with my fiancé.  I enjoy being active outdoors and exploring new restaurants.

Current at home passion?

Building my at home gym!

Favorite Movies?

Avatar, Wedding Crashers, You’ve got Mail.

Favorite Place to Travel?

Anywhere with sunshine and great view.  I believe its the company you are with that makes a place great.

Why Do You Love Wedding Planning?

Weddings have always been a passion of mine and helping organize such an important day is something I don’t take lightly.

Favorite Wedding Day Moment?

My favorite wedding moment is the bride getting into her dress and finally looking at her self in the mirror.  It’s such a beautiful moment for a beautiful bride.


Behind The Scenes


Meet our behind the scenes wedding team!  Emma, Olivia and Kris are absolute rockstars when it comes to onsite logistics and execution.  Our go to wedding helpers are the ones alphabetizing your name cards, placing out decor, double checking the details and doing it all with a smile…even if its behind a mask.


Annais Roman Casanova


Annais has had lots of experience in weddings and receptions.  Her true passion for the wedding industry is what makes her so happy to be Blue Water Weddings Elopement and Micro Wedding Specialist.

Emma Mardson



Currently studying event management, Emma was born and raised in the Keys.  She  is passionate about weddings and is an asset to our team.  Emma offers innovative ideas to our current wedding systems and is eager to learn more and more.




Olivia Gonzalas


A Florida Keys Native, Olivia is learning the ropes fast.  Her willingness to learn, team oriented attitude and creativity on site is amazing.








Kris Patience



Kris has a strong background in weddings and events and can lead our team of girls if needed.  We love Kris because of her professionalism, positive attitude and knowing the why as well as the what.