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Occupied at home these days, anxiously awaiting your Florida Keys wedding? We feel you! Firstly, we want to say our hearts go out to all couples that had to put their wedding plans on hold due to coronavirus. At the same time, we also know weddings at this time are first world problems. However, you are allowed to be feeling the way you do! Life milestones being postponed, playing out far differently than you ever dreamed may be smaller problems than what others are currently facing, but you are still allowed to grieve. You are allowed to be bummed! Once you take the time you need, just know you can move forward in the planning when ready. Especially when planning a Florida Keys wedding! Here are some things you can do now to brighten your destination wedding day horizons.

1.) Reception Layout

With these new changes, you may have found yourselves having to move your entire wedding. Or maybe your guest count has changed. Now is a perfect time to take another look at your wedding reception layout and make sure everything still makes sense based on however you have decided to move forward. Need a hand? Have no fear, your wedding planner is here and happy to help with details such as this.

2.) Welcome Table Design

This is the table guests will see during cocktail hour. This table will have a welcome sign, welcome book, seating chart and card box on it. Now is the time to start thinking about all the fun ideas you can incorporate to make this one of the cutest spaces of the wedding. It is a space that all guests will have a close up of, and making it shine with your tailored, personalized dreams will welcome your guests in a way that feels truly “you.”

3.) Perfect Your Floral Order with Your Florist

In having more time than ever to dive into the details, you may find yourself exploring and understanding certain facets of your wedding in a new and exciting way. Maybe you really didn’t know what exact flowers are listed on your floral order. Reach out to your florist for this order. Research each flower listed and make sure they collectively and individually represent the style and feel you want. If you have moved your wedding to another time of year, the lighting may be different at the time of reception seating. In addition, the temperature may also be different, or the flowers you originally wanted that were not season may now be in season. Taking a relaxing afternoon to sift through these pretty and personal details may serve you well at a time like this.

4.) Communicate with your guests on the change of date

Make sure your wedding website is up to date. Any official notifications of date changes can be something to work on as well. People are calling it ‘change the dates’, or ‘whoops, change of plans!’ on the cards they resend. Keeping things lighthearted and joyful is tricky, as we know you are bummed. But it’s so important to brush off the dust and reclaim the joy this celebration will bring you! We promise, your guests are going to be more excited than ever to come together and celebrate you for your Florida Keys wedding.

5.) Song Selections

Have you chosen the exact songs you want played as you exit your ceremony or cut your cake? Why wait to make that decision? Decide on all those details now. Consult with your wedding planner and DJ or band on exactly what songs you can choose. For inspiration and direction check out this site. My Wedding Songs. For some favorites we have seen at recent Blue Water Weddings big days, check out our list here: Dream Destination Wedding Song Selection List

6.) Timeline

With a possible new sunset time based upon when you moved your new wedding date to, you may want to rearrange the timing of your wedding flow. Consult with your planner on this to make sure you day will be flawless no matter what time it starts. You deserve it!

Need a little more encouragement from your Florida Keys wedding community? We are here for you. Read our recent blog from our wedding vendor community here: Beach Weddings in The Florida Keys: COVID-19 Reopening Assurance From Florida Keys Wedding Vendors

Hang in there, brides and grooms! The dream wedding day you very much deserve will happen; even more magically than ever.


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