As you may already know, the Florida Keys has an extremely tight knit community of Florida Keys wedding vendors. Staying connected in the midst of the coronavirus was something we all strived to do, just like we did during Hurricane Irma. Between Zoom meetings, The Rising Tide Society webinars, TuesdayTogether Florida Keys, and Instagram live meet ups, the discussion topics have been similar. How will this affect the future of destination weddings? What are some things we can do to prepare for this new normal together?

Some of the vendors we have recently spoke with had some great ideas for practicing safer social habits at events.

DJ and Bands

Instead of requesting a song by yelling in the ear of the DJ, why not have a texting method set up where you can text in your song selections? We sought advice from an expert and asked Russ Ginsberg, one of the most well known and deeply loved Florida Keys DJs. He was delighted to explain that he would definitely be interested in setting up a new way of communicating with guests that didn’t take the special guest connections away. Restrictions of approaching the DJ booth may be a new rule to look out for.

Flowers and Design

Carin from Key Destination Weddings and Events mentioned that incorporating smell into the design of the wedding can now be more of a focus than ever before. This idea can be expressed in having hand wipes on the welcome table in the same scent as the flowers in your wedding day. Small, purposeful touches that will go along way and leave an unforgettable impression. Great idea, Carin!


Elena from The Green Turtle shared that servers will be asked to wear masks and gloves. The masks and gloves could be customized to best fit the wedding–a way of incorporating this new normal into the catering experience seamlessly. Monogrammed masks or masks that have the same design and color palette as the wedding is also something to consider.

Florida Keys Wedding Venues

Overall, we believe that every hotel will have their own new set of safety guidelines. While working closely with each couple, we will help determine the best way to stay safe. While some micro weddings may feel more comfortable in a more traditional event setting, some other parties of fifty or more will want to implement even further safety precautions. We are all eager to get back to doing what we love, and are actively adjusting to the new normal. Destination weddings and events in the Florida Keys will be a process that we work through together with the support of each and every Florida Keys wedding vendor.

volleyball nets

Additionally, here are a list of Florida Keys Beach Wedding Venues that are currently able to secure your wedding spot. Make sure to put them on your list and reach out to a local vendor to get your dream wedding started.

Pierre’s Restaurant
Cheeca Lodge
Islander Resort
Coconut Palm Inn
Caribbean Resort

Also, of course, we’ve got your back too! If you are looking for something entirely private to you and your loved ones, you may consider hosting your wedding at a private beach house! We would love to help in any way we can. Let us know if this vision tops your wedding day dreams and we can make it happen!

Virtual hugs from the Florida Keys Wedding Vendors!

P.S. For more Florida Keys beach wedding tips and advice, check out our blog for more information.


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