Finding “The One”: Picking Your Florida Keys Wedding Venue

Congratulations! You have found yourself enjoying the beauty that is engaged life. Even better? The very best is yet to come. Let’s get you married!

You may likely feel like you need to start figuring out all the details now. If it has been decided to wed in the Florida Keys, your next thought is likely, “but where exactly”, right? The process of finding your perfect Florida Keys Wedding Venue can be overwhelming; especially if, like most couples, you are doing this from afar. Keep in mind, if you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, now is the time. Having a professional help through this from the start is priceless.

Just like your walk down the aisle, it is all done one step at a time.

Below we will provide our guide  to do your initial research to make sure everything is feasible–in wedding vision and in your budget.

Step 1 in finding your perfect Florida Keys wedding venue

For research purposes, choose a preferred date and guest number. You will need this when asking for quotes.

Step 2

Request a quote from a Florida Keys hotel. We recommend starting with spots like Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Baker’s Cay Resort, Post Card Inn and The Islander Resort. Along with your wedding quote, ask them to include the room rates they are offering for your specified dates. From here, you now have a base to start to get an idea of the overall budget.

Need an extra hand to guide you towards selecting a date? Check out our latest blog post to help: The Best Time of Year For A Florida Keys Wedding

Step 3

Request what the site fees are from places like Coconut Palm Inn, Caribbean Resort and Atlantic Bay Resort. These are places that you pay a site fee and bring in everything a la cart. It sounds a little overwhelming, but these options certainly have its benefit. You would have their entire space privately for the weekend to enjoy with your family and friends, and you can customize your wedding to be exactly what you want it to be in terms of food and beverage.

The Final Details in finding your Florida Keys Wedding Venue

Once these numbers come in, you’re probably going to be asking, “Well, how much does everything else cost?” Here is a general break down:

Fixed costs:  These costs generally stay the same regardless of how many people you have.

Photographer – $2,500 ++

DJ Entertainment – $1,500 ++

Solo Guitarist (One Hour) – $600 ++

Flexible costs: These costs rely heavily on the amount of people you have.

Flowers – $2,000 ++

Venue – $3,000 site fee to $10,000++++ that includes wedding rentals, catering and staff

Wedding Lighting – $1,200 – $3,500 depending on the space

Food and Beverage – $150 – $200 ++ per person

Welcome Bags – $35 each

Stationary (invites, save the dates, welcome itineraries, seating chart signage, etc.) – $15 ++ per person

Now that you’ve done your research, you should have a much clearer picture of the direction you want to go for your Florida Keys wedding venue. Resort versus private inn? Beach side versus ballroom? The Florida Keys sky is the limit!

As always, we would be more than happy to talk more about this with you over the phone. You’ve found The One. Now? Let us help you find the one venue! We are here to help!


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