Have a question about our wedding planning services? You are in the right place! We understand that social media and websites can only cover so many bases. To make planning your dream destination wedding a bit easier, below you will find our most popular frequently asked questions about Blue Water Weddings Wedding Planning Services.

I am very interested in your wedding planning services, but I am dreaming of a different destination. Do you only plan weddings in the Florida Keys?

Since we started planning weddings in the Florida Keys, our home base, office and hearts still lie there for dream destination weddings. Looking to go elsewhere? We currently also plan weddings in Miami, Palm Beach and Costa Rica.

I already have most of my vendors. How could you help me at this point?

We think it’s great that you have built most of your wedding team. You may be wondering, how much more work is there to do once everyone gets booked? We see the vendor booking process as only one facet to the planning. There are many other facets we cover for you. These facets include things like guest communication through your wedding website, save the dates, invites and day of printing like welcome itineraries, welcome bags that need to be addressed and distributed, making it clear for guests to successfully plan their trips, and so much more.

Once all the vendors are booked, we like to focus on the details of the event. As we always say, the magic lies in the details. We focus on design, timeline creation, and extra weekend events to help pull everything together. We know there are so many puzzle pieces that go into a successfully executed wedding weekend. Ensuring you are able to create those life long memories of an amazing weekend with the ones you love takes experienced and intentional effort poured into every detail.

Out of the three wedding planning services packages listed on your website, can I customize one that best suits my needs?

Our packages are a reflection of the general needs of our couples, but after speaking and meeting, we often times find it can be best to adjust the services to suit the individual needs. Since not everyone hires a planner from the beginning, we find it necessary to explain our packages are not set in stone. We are happy to work with you to create a unique package just for you.

How long have you been planning weddings in the Florida Keys?

Blue Water Weddings has been planning and executing weddings from Key Largo to Islamorada since 2012. We pride ourselves in the local knowledge and unique quirks of the Florida Keys. We value what it takes to plan a beautiful and meaningful Florida Keys Wedding Weekend. It’s truly a place like no other, and the experiences here are unique to any other place. Through our experiences, we have gathered enough local knowledge to show you and your guests an unforgettably fun wedding weekend the Florida Keys.

If I hire you, can you help me save money in other areas? If so, how does that work?

We are in total agreement that the budget needs to remain intact while planning. That being said, getting the most out of your planner involves hiring one from the beginning. Saving money really starts at the beginning–when just starting to dream up the bigger picture. Allowing us to help you find your venue and break down the rest of the costs, then guiding you through booking with reputable & fair vendors is priceless. It will get you started on the right foot, and ensure the budget path is seen to the finish line.

Will we save you money? Yes. Will we only guide you to hire the cheapest vendors? No. We will make sure to guide you to the best team possible in order to execute a successful event.

Do you offer just day of coordination wedding planning services, not month of coordination?

We get this question a lot. Believe it or not, day of and month of services are the same. It would be impossible to walk onsite the day of your wedding and try to run your carefully planned special day. We like to have a deep understanding of your wedding. Doing so requires the allocated 6-8 weeks of time. We will not only make your timeline and liaise with vendors, but suggest anything you may have missed by asking questions that may spark interest in things you may have never thought about.

How many weddings do you plan per year, and how busy will you be around my wedding date?

Each of our planners take on 15-20 weddings per year. We don’t do more than three weddings a month each, and will only have one wedding for that entire weekend. We ensure you get the amount of attention you and your dream destination wedding day deserve!

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