Most couples find the last quarter of planning their Florida Keys wedding to be exciting, fun, yet delightfully intense all at the same time. You’ve daydreamed about all of your closest family and friends gathering together. You have wondered about how your final vision will look, and nervously scoured over the checklist to make sure you’ve done absolutely everything you can to make sure everything is simply perfect. While you may have been fretting over the steak being the perfect temperature when served, or if the band would get people dancing, you likely never ever thought a looming global virus would threaten your wedding all together. Having to watch the news tell you your wedding can no longer happen as planned is a huge pill to swallow, and the stress that follows is not to be ignored.

We are here to carry this with you. For our Florida Keys brides & grooms facing this storm: here are five tips to navigating Coronavirus and your wedding at the same time.

Think positively!

Nothing is going to get better unless you have a positive attitude. We all know this awful virus will go away in time. By holding on to your wedding fantasies and remaining positive when talking to your family and friends, you will start to feel better too. Once it passes, you can be back to normal, and your guests will be more excited than ever to celebrate you and your new beginning.

Be kind to yourself.

There is nothing like a warm bubble bath, a good book, or a sunset stroll (socially distant, of course) to keep your negative or stressful emotions at bay. The more you are mindful of the things that bring you joy, the better you will feel about the world around you. Let’s cheers to a good laugh and the things that are right in front of you that can keep you smiling through the tough times.

Find a venting buddy.

Even though being mindfully proactive can help with dealing with the stress, its always therapeutic to be able to vent to a loved one about your deepest thoughts, especially when feeling the disappointment sinking in. If you have someone that loves you, they will listen and be thankful they can be your shoulder.

Postpone instead of cancelling.

As much as the news changes every day, and knowing when to reschedule can be so tricky, it is definitely better than canceling. Since your wedding vendors have different policies for cancelling, postponement ensures your true vision with your original team will be played out, just at a later date.

Be a team With your Florida Keys Wedding Vendors.

In such a crazy time where it’s hard to tell what to do next, rely on your planner to be proactive about the things that need to be done. This crisis is very much like a hurricane, where businesses shut down and postponements occur. There are already existing protocols and procedures in place and trusting the professionals you work with to help guide you through is critical to staying on top of your next task.

BONUS! Keep your eye on the prize! You’re having a Florida Keys wedding no matter what!

You will be married and that is what matters. Stay beautiful, and know you are worth the wait, even if the world is shutting down around you. In our experience with hurricanes and other reasonings, we have found that postponements always make for an even more joyous celebration!

Florida Keys wedding couple walk blissfully in the rain

Photo by: Adam Opris Photography

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Just like any rainstorm, we will weather it all together, and it will pass. We promise.


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