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A Blissful Day at The Caribbean Resort For Mr. & Mrs. Babila

We had the immense honor of working alongside Candice & Blake in their journey to “I Do” at The Caribbean Resort in Islamorada, Florida this past October. Their all white, crisp, clean and music filled day paired with their contagiously joyful union inspired us so much we couldn’t wait to highlight their story.

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Tell us about you two! When/where did you meet?

From Blake: “Nine years ago my mind’s eye of perfection casually walked by me on a crowded Fort Lauderdale street. It stopped me dead in my tracks. This blonde haired, blue eyed stranger surpassed everything I thought I knew about physical beauty.

I turned to my friend and inquired if he knew who that was? I heard nothing of what he said as my eyes were locked on the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Almost without thought, and certainly without plan in a euphoric fog, I began to walk towards her. I snapped out of my stroll with the realization that this encounter might change my life forever. I had no idea what to say. A nervousness I have never felt before almost crippled me. I had nothing. Just before the awkward approach became overtly clear I uttered a simple, “Hi. My name is Blake, what is your name?”

You pleasantly but guardedly replied with your name, Candice. I tried to offer an observational joke. I attempted to engage your friends, trying to extend this moment just long enough to get your phone number so I can plan a much better next encounter. End on a high note, was all I could think. Don’t ruin it. And hope that phone number is really hers.

From that moment, our encounters began more organically. I must confess I always perked up if I heard you might be around. The more time I got to be around you, I was only drawn to you more. Under your impeccable appearance revealed a truly giving, funny, caring, intelligent woman that would make me see the world differently. I am truly in love with you. I could not feel luckier to have you accept me and love me.”

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What made you select The Caribbean Resort in the Florida Keys as your “I Do” destination?

“We chose The Keys as our destination for many different reasons. I’ve secretly ALWAYS wanted an Islamorada wedding. It’s been one of my favorite destinations since I was 14, and even before I lived in South Florida.

When Blake suggested we take a look in The Keys for a venue I (slightly) squealed with delight, but told myself not to get my hopes up because I wanted it to be somewhere we BOTH choose and not just what the “Bride” wanted. When we visited a bunch of other hotels, I felt discouraged because it wasn’t the modern vibe we wanted for the wedding. I had remembered The Caribbean Resort as I stayed there with my family a couple of summers before. I told Blake we should just drive by and check it out. An hour later, we had picked a date and locked in our venue.” – Candice

The Caribbean Resort weddingThe Caribbean Resort The Caribbean Resort weddingThe Caribbean Resort

The Caribbean Resort wedding

Was there a specific place or vision that inspired your stunning all white wedding at The Caribbean Resort?

“Our wedding vision keywords were modern, clean, sexy and white. Honestly the fact that we were able to bring everything in and design everything with Julia’s amazing creative mind it all came together perfectly. We wouldn’t change a thing about the wedding design.” – Candice

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It really is all in the details! What little detail (or details) about your wedding day was most meaningful to you?

“The fact that Blake nor I had to worry about anything once we got there for the weekend was amazing. I mean it wasn’t just the wedding day, it was the entire weekend: from the rehearsal Friday to the brunch on Sunday. We felt at ease and knew the Blue Water Team had everything covered.

Julia and I just hit it off immediately. She understood our wants and must haves and figured them into our budget. Being able to have different price options made us feel like we were getting what we were paying for. We couldn’t have had the wedding our dreams if it wasn’t for Julia and the Blue Water Wedding Team!” – Candice

The Caribbean Resort wedding

Reading through their words, it’s easy to see how they have captured our team’s hearts!

Thank you so much to Candice & Blake for a magically musical day. We are so grateful to have been a part of it, and elated to watch your journey together continue to unfold.

Special thanks to the vendor team who helped bring their visions to life:

Florida Keys Destination Wedding Venue: The Caribbean Resort

Wedding dress: Julie Vino

Blake’s Suit: Tom James Custom Suit designed by Candice

Florals: Studio South

Rentals: Keys Audio Party Rentals

Photography: Organic Moments Photography

Planning & Design by Yours Truly: Blue Water Weddings


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