Connection: What We Are All Craving

The word “Connection” rolled off my tongue instantly when a friend asked just a few weeks ago what my word for 2023 would be.Watching weddings, rehearsal dinners, farewell brunches, and the reunions a destination wedding brings, consistently touches me. The power, the beauty, and the raw emotion of connecting with one another is unlike anything else. It’s an unstoppable force. A force we come to appreciate even deeper when we give ourselves the chance to enjoy it ourselves. What I see weekly at celebrations across South Florida, I am wishing for all in the year ahead: true, loving, genuine connection–with those we love, with our experiences, and our professional lives.

The Gifts of 2023

With dear friend Xanthe’s children on a trip to my Happy Place: the South of France this past Summer.

2023 has been my favorite year thus far for Blue Water Weddings as a whole. It held much movement. We wished Wedding Assistant Emma off on her new venture in The Big Apple. Month of Coordinator Latrice joined the team and launched the first of its kind: Bridal Wellness Packages. Planner Grace also stepped into our growing team. And Lead Planner Mary thrived more than ever in her 3rd year with us. (Speaking of, be sure to check out her feature here. Her story and heart for this industry is incredible!).

With Xanthe. Can’t wait to go back!

Personally, this year held much travel, clarity, and a whole lot of that big word above. Connection weaved its way into the seams of my days–leaving me craving it more for all. (Though a trip to the South of France might also be at the top of my wish list for all, too 😉 Heaven!).

Connection…and Expansion

Never has our team been stronger. The bond between each woman–how they champion one another personally and professionally, is something that makes me deeply grateful. I am thankful beyond measure for the place we are in right now. Training my team is one of the best jobs of growing the business. Making sure they are growing within themselves and with the business is the goal. Passing the company’s values onto the team translates into their own personal growth and success. It is such a privilege to be able to pass on 10 years of knowledge!

And with that strength and deep bonds, comes forward movement for Blue Water Weddings as a whole. Be sure to stay tuned for big news on the way. The best really is yet to come. And I wish the same for each and every one of you.


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