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Bridal Wellness Packages by Blue Water Weddings

Bridal health & wellness may not be something you find in your standard wedding planning binder. But here at Blue Water Weddings, we’re aiming to change that! While we as planners ensure you have the best time not just on your wedding weekend, but on your engagement journey as a whole, we realized a piece to the puzzle was still missing.
Planning, producing and designing your dream of a day is a key element to having a successful wedding weekend–no doubt about it. But why not have all of those elements while also feeling better than you have ever felt? Enter our new offering: Bridal Health & Wellness Packages. We are beyond elated to introduce you to this new service! Sharing each detail below is the heart behind it all, Planner and Trainer Latrice Johnson.

What is your favorite part about being a wellness coach?

“My favorite part about being a wellness coach is making personal connections with my clients. This is a key element for me as I truly believe it’s the building block to reaching client goals. Being the person my client can trust and confide in opens up a new dimension to training! It becomes very therapeutic, open and honest. I’m able to hold my client more accountable to reaching their goals and push them to new heights based on knowing their personalities, habits, and day-to-day routines!”

What brought you into the wellness world?

“SPORTS! I have always been very competitive and eager to stay active at a younger age. I was a 3-sport athlete in high school, and played volleyball in college. Getting my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, I thoroughly enjoyed learning and applying new knowledge to my day-to-day lifestyle as a young adult.”

Why do you feel Bridal Wellness is important?

“​Being a bride is something special. The happiness of the bride is the center of the entire wedding. ALL rise when the bride enters the room, ALL eyes are on the bride as she sways across the dancefloor. She is the center of attention. I believe it’s important for a bride to feel & look confident on her Big Day! With the right leader, diet and exercise program, I truly believe any bride can obtain the look she wants while reaping the many benefits of exercise such as reduced stress & anxiety, mood-boost, increased energy, glowing skin, healthy hair & nails, and SO MUCH MORE!
One of my favorite aspects of a wedding is when the bride puts on her wedding dress, with her hair & makeup already done and takes that first look herself in awe… it’s a magical experience. This program is aimed to ensure the bride feels confident and beautiful on her special day! The packages include nutrition resources that have easy to follow information on macros, meal plan, logging meals, tracking calories.  They also include a 7-day cleanse called Fresh Start at the beginning of each month- guide is paired with the book and virtual training”
Starting at just $1,000, these wellness packages are designed to help brides get each sneaker laced up for every step of their engagement path. Ready to say yes to the flex? Contact us today!
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