Planning a wedding during the COVID pandemic can seem like facing an immovable mountain. But rest assured! We are here to talk you through how with just a little bit of tweaks, planning your dream destination wedding can be just as much fun as you always dreamed it to be. In an effort to help our dear brides & grooms, we are sharing our top tips for planning a destination wedding during the COVID pandemic below. Pop that bridal shower bubbly and let’s start planning.

planning a wedding during the COVID pandemic

Planning a Wedding During the COVID Pandemic Tip #1: Be flexible with your date

If you are planning a smaller wedding, you may need to be open to marrying on a Friday or Sunday. Saturdays are usually held for larger events that have a larger food and beverage minimum. Being open to a midweek wedding will allow you more flexibility on available spaces and possibly even in negotiations for the best prices.

If you are planning a larger wedding, you may find a lot of 2021 dates are taken due to rescheduled events from 2020. Planning a larger event for 2022 may prove to be better for available wedding dates in the Florida Keys, but be sure to inquire just in case. There are still a limited amount of open Saturdays left for 2021 dates, so you may be in luck!

Planning a Wedding During the COVID Pandemic Tip #2: Be mindful with your guest list

We completely understand that your guest list is one of the hardest components to get a good grasp on. We suggest reviewing your list to assess the amount of older guests, first responders, nurses or anyone working in the healthcare industry. Older guests will typically not want to travel, and the health care workers may have to quarantine when they return home. Review with these thoughts in mind and make the best decision for you.

COVID wedding planning

Planning a Wedding During the COVID Pandemic Tip #3: Check travel related restrictions before committing

Make sure to choose a destination that is open to travel. At the moment, the Florida Keys is easy to get to and therefore a very popular destination wedding spot. Other places have major restrictions in place, so you will want to narrow down what options are available.

Planning a Wedding During the COVID Pandemic Tip #4: Check your contracts

Make sure all wedding contracts you sign have a clause that protect you in case of any COVID related changes. When signing contracts, the force majeure clause should now list COVID specifically. If it does not, you may not be protected in the event of a postponement.

Planning a Wedding During the COVID Pandemic Tip #5: Check Your Venue’s Regulations

Each venue in every destination handles COVID differently. From allowing guests to walk mask free on the beach, to making sure they have a mask on at all times, each location varies. Some hotel restaurants may be closed. Amenities like the spa may not be operating. Check your venue’s regulations before making the final decision to ensure it’s the right venue for you.

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