Much like a bridal bouquet, there is one question our clients ask us that touches our hearts every single time: “We really want to give back somehow. What would you recommend we do?” We adore when our sweet clients feel so overjoyed at the celebrations and love towards them that they can’t help but think of others. Just like every couple is different, every preference for where and how to give back is different. We have rounded up all of our recommendations of how to give back during your Florida Keys wedding. Let us help you help others!

Volunteering in the Florida Keys

Often, couples like to make their wedding weekend more of a wedding week. Because the Florida Keys is most often a destination for our brides and grooms, they can turn their celebration into a full vacation–enjoying the island life for days before and after their Big Day. In this case, volunteering can be a perfect option. Even more fun? Invite your bridesmaids and groomsmen along to join in on the generosity. Just the two of you? Perfect. What better thing to do in your first days as a married couple than to help others? For local onsite volunteer opportunities, we recommend the following places:

Habitat for Humanity of The Upper Keys

Florida Keys Wild Bird Center 

If you do choose to volunteer at one of these organizations, we recommend reaching out at your earliest convenience to coordinate a group volunteer project. With the organizations knowing you are coming in advance, your hard work will be zeroed in and even more so worth the time.

Donating to the Florida Keys

Feelin’ the love? Us too! An excellent way to give back is to utilize some of the resources you have allotted toward your wedding budget towards giving back. We recommend building a donation amount into your overall wedding budget from the start. Already have your budget all mapped out? No worries. Think about small adjustments you can make. Would it be more cost effective to dine on key lime pie instead of a tiered wedding cake? What about swapping a linen that is just as fabulous but a bit less pricey? With small swaps like this, you can take the excess amount left over and select an organization to gift it towards. Want to stay local? We recommend the following. Feel free to click on the titles to be directed to their sites to learn more about each of them:

Habitat for Humanity of The Upper Keys

Florida Keys Wild Bird Center

Voices for Florida Keys Children

Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association Inc.

The Turtle Hospital

The Islamorada Foundation

Upper Keys Humane Society

Gifting & Favors

Hearts & homes overfilled with gifts? Great! In lieu of a wedding gift, many couples ask their loved ones to gift towards an organization of their choice. This information can be placed on your wedding website and invitations. Another option? Donate towards the organization of your choice in the name of each wedding guests as a wedding favor. If you would like to stay local, we recommend the same organizations listed above.

We love our couples, and we overflow with joy when we hear their hearts are desiring to give back. Beyond these organizations, there are so many others out there in need of the generosity such a celebration can bring. We can’t wait to hear who you will spread the love of your union to!


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