As a bride, you want every single detail of your wedding to be absolutely flawless. Still, no matter how much you plan ahead, there are still some bad things that could happen before your big day – and it is important to be prepared for the worst too.

What are some of the most awful wedding disasters and how to react in case they happen to you? Read on and find out more.

·       Vendors pulling a disappearing act. Either because they are double-booked or simply because they cannot deliver what you need, some unreliable vendors may simply choose to disappear. This is something you definitely don’t want before your wedding – but if it happens, you should be prepared to face the situation with as much grace as possible (either by finding another vendor to replace the “disappeared” one, by asking friends to help you or by doing things on your own).

·       Hair trial going wrong. Of course, you want your hair to look really beautiful on your wedding day. But what happens if your hairstylist changes jobs before your wedding day? What happens if your hair trial goes very wrong and you hate the hairstyle she created? The best way to react is by finding another hairstylist in the shortest time possible, so that you can have another trial before the big day. Check reviews, ask for recommendations and keep your calm!

·       People don’t send their RSPVs back. This is the kind of nightmare every bride has at one point or another. The best ways to deal with it is by simply calling your guests and politely ask them if they can come at the wedding or not. If they still don’t give you a clear answer, prepare for the largest number of guests by adding extra seats at the ceremony and extra plates for the dinner (or switching the plated dinner with a buffet).

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Photo sources: nparekhcards Mysi