Your wedding is not about the flowers, about the drinks or about the foods. It is about celebrating love at its finest, about stepping into a new life together with the one you love and about having all your friends and relatives near on such a special moment of your life.

However, making your guests feel amazing at your wedding should be considered to be a “must” – and the food you serve plays a hugely important role in this.

What are some of the most creative menu ideas for your wedding? What are the foods that are guaranteed to please your guests’ taste buds? Read on and find out more.

  • DIY food bars. Very popular with just about any type of wedding, DIY food bars are amazing – and they are an easy way to make sure your guests are happy with the food on their plates. Salad bars, taco bars, doughnut bars – everything works, as long as you provide your guests with unique, high-quality ingredients. They will have tons of fun doing this!
  • Chef stations. If you want your wedding menu to be truly fancy and if you want it to be really entertaining too, hire a real chef to cook food right in front of your guests’ eyes. This works especially with Asian food, but it can be an amazing idea for just about any other type of cuisine.
  • Comfort foods and childhood memories. You don’t have to serve very expensive foods to make your guests happy. Actually, most of them will be more than happy if you serve them their all-time favorites. Shots of milk and cookies or of tomato soup and mini-grilled sandwiches, spoons with delicious mac and cheese, mini-cheeseburgers – these are foods everyone

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Photo source: Ryan A. Monson