Regardless of the season outside, beach weddings are always dreamy and extremely romantic. If you have decided to have your own beach wedding and if you are absolutely keen on making it truly unforgettable, make sure to choose a color palette that really suits your personal style and your beach wedding theme too. Here are some of the most beautiful suggestions to inspire you:

  • Nude and silver. Bring together the elegance of silver with nude shades of ivory and cream to create a truly refined atmosphere for your wedding. If you want to, you can add pops of color here and there (such as in the wedding centrepieces, for example). However, it will look classy and elegant even if you settle for the nude options.
  • Fuchsia, navy and coral. You may not think of fuchsia as a very “marine” color, but the truth is that it can look absolutely stunning in the right combination. The key is to use it just for the accents of color and to focus more on the navy and coral elements. This way, you will create the perfect balance between the youthfulness of fuchsia and the dreamy atmosphere created by the shades of navy and coral.
  • Gold, marigold and white. There’s nothing more luxurious than gold – and if that’s the kind of vibe you want to create around your wedding, you should definitely know that gold is a great touch for a marine-themed event too. Combine it with white and marigold for a splendid touch of energy and timeless elegance.

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