Knowing current wedding trends can help the direction a couple will take when creating their vision. Being able to capture a bride and grooms inner most thoughts and feelings through the physical details of her wedding is a process.   Each detail should allow the guest to feel something, whether it be an old memory or a new thought. Mixing colors, patterns, and textures transforms the traditional wedding into a very memorable occasion. Knowing the trends, and understanding how weddings have recently transformed from traditional to unique allows the bride and groom to really have fun in the design process. This coming year, couples will start seeing a mix of contemporary elements paired with hints of glam.  Mixing pastels with gold metallic, modern garden with pops of watermelon, and even the sexy scoop back, off the shoulder, long sleeve wedding dress. French accents paired with the modern garden will be in, and mason jars and burlap will finally take a break. Expect brides to be feeling more comfortable with breaking the mold of bringing the inside out but with a pop of glam. It seems the elements of one theme will be encompassed in another. Daunting as this may seem to many newly engaged brides, this upcoming trend alert is a fun, laid back yet beautiful time to embrace. If your still not sure, stay calm and hire a wedding planner.
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