Getting married in the Florida Keys is a distant dream for some brides.  The idea of getting your family and friends from around the world together in one place just seems so daunting, not to mention getting everyone to fly to a destination spot such as Islamorada.  As much as you want to be in a more convenient place such as the heart of Miami, or even back home, you know deep down the keys calls for you!  When you start to think about the ocean breeze, sun kissed skin after a day on the water and the nights you spent with your fiancé barefoot in the sand its the only place that seems to fit.  Showing the people that mean the most to you who you are as a couple is something that all Keys brides have in common.  Its the special memories they share there, and the connection with a place they dream about getting back to.  If you’re a bride thinking about getting married in the Florida Keys, planning a wedding couldn’t be easier.  Just one phone call, and the dream is yours.  Blue Water Weddings welcomes all Keys brides to have their dream wedding right here in Islamorada!

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